Caring for Your Kidneys


Caring for Your Kidneys Class Schedule

The diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can be overwhelming and confusing.  We recognize CKD as a complicated disease process and invite you to attend our "Caring for Your Kidneys" class. We discuss kidney health & kidney disease, nutrition, relevant lab tests, and provide tips to help preserve kidney function.

Self-register for the FREE class by selecting the class location and date below or by phone at 210-798-6812

Classes are about 90 min long and interactive. You will be given material to take home for further review and use.


If you would like to schedule a Modality Options class to review planning for advanced kidney disease, you can call 210-798-6812 or ask your doctor if they would like you to attend and they may schedule it for you as well.  These are individual classes taught by appointment in the SAKDC offices and are also FREE.